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By Lil BUB & Marbles

I wanted to share Gulliver's story with you today, on Giving Tuesday, because you've made his story and countless others possible. Gulliver was a stray cat who was found badly injured. Once Gulliver was taken for emergency care, it was discovered that he had a shattered femur, pelvis, and tail. In order to have a second chance at life he needed multiple surgeries and intensive care. We said yes to Gulliver, because we know every animal deserves their chance at life. You helped support Gulliver's second chance. Today, against all odds, Gulliver is now happily recovering in a foster home while he awaits his forever family. He now has a long, happy, healthy life to look forward to and you are a part of his story. I hope you'll consider supporting our work today. You've truly helped change many animals and humans lives for the better and that is something that brings me and so many, hope and joy. Your support allows us to help pets just like Gulliver and for that, we are endlessly thankful for you today. I can't wait to share our next success story with you. Just click the link below to change more lives, Here are just a few thankful words from rescues and shelters we've been able to help because of your generosity: "Gulliver is galloping towards a long, happy, healthy life. YOU are the mercy behind that miracle, and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity." "Thank you, for helping us continue to "scrape the bottom of the barrel" when it comes to rescuing cats. We take the really the difficult cases even though they are expensive. Thank you for having a grant program that is so approachable and easy to navigate." "We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who has helped Cleo. We especially want to give kudos to The Lil’ Bub Fund. Thank you all so much; the stress you have helped relieve us of is immense." BUB changed my life for the better in so many ways. Our small team is incredibly thankful and honored that we are able to get to do this work, and we're able to do it because of you. Thank you for being a part of so many stories. Sending you the warmest wishes, Stacy, Mike and the Lil BUB Family


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Lil BUB is a one of a kind space cat. Since landing on Earth, she's raised over $1,000,000 for homeless pets nationwide. ↗︎



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